A Declaration of Interdependence
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-A Declaration of Interdependence-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-

Hi my name is Ben Hayes and these are my photos hope you recon they are rad.

If you want to contact me hit me up at

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/onebeauty

Instagram: bennyh_ayes

Wedge Time with @boardsbybennyhayes and @alkalifins #wedge #backbeach
Shiny Joe at his shiniest 
Last month the boys had me over to shoot in Melbs while they recorded “Man it Feels Like Space Again”. This man here has a great ode to a small town in Canada Medicine Hat that ive had stuck in my head ever since
Tell what you did today….

I made a box….
Spring still hasn’t sprung
I just started an Instagram feed of the boards I’m making, this week I’m working on three for buddies.
If you want a board hit me up, I’m making the first 50 for cost price
User Error
- Bali July 2013 
NIcko Breaking All The Rules
- Uluwatu August 2013
Long Walks
- Noosa Heads, July 2013