3. boardsbybennyhayes:

    Vegi Burritos were a real hit

  4. 🍇🍇🍇

  5. Happy bloody New Year 💰💰🍗📣🎊🎉🐎🐎

  6. Shiny Joe at his shiniest 

    Last month the boys had me over to shoot in Melbs while they recorded “Man it Feels Like Space Again”. This man here has a great ode to a small town in Canada Medicine Hat that ive had stuck in my head ever since


  8. theeternaltelephone:

    watch out Messiah - were in bat country…..this videography created by the masterful hobo dean dArby shows the far out thoughts of mark messiah matisons and friend of Eternal Teleph0ne mr Jed surfing the wyld waves at hallucination bay.

    enjoy Out West people.

    do it mark….do it

  9. Tell what you did today….

    I made a box….

  10. Spring still hasn’t sprung

  11. I just started an Instagram feed of the boards I’m making, this week I’m working on three for buddies.

    If you want a board hit me up, I’m making the first 50 for cost price


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